Random Analytics: H7N9 Infographic (to 23 Apr 2013)

by Shane Granger

***** Please note that this infographic of the Avian Influenza A(H7N9) virus and was updated with public source information from late 23 Apr to early 24 April 2013 CET/EST *****

Just a quick infographic update today.

1 - H7N9_Infographic_130424

Infographic Details

In the past 24-hours there have been three more cases and one more fatality which brings the total to 108-cases including 22-deaths. This equates to a case fatality rate of 20.4%. For context SARS was 10.9%. (Note: I have updated the SARS link from the last WHO update in 2003 to a more detailed National Centre for Biotechnology Information paper from 2010. Thanks to Helen Branswell (@HelenBranswell) for providing the link.)

There has been one confirmed discharge in the past day from Henan and yesterday Sina confirmed a further three patients were discharged on Sunday. This brings the confirmed recoveries up to 14 (13%) and the mystery outpatients to just three (down from six yesterday).

The most recent fatality reported was on the 23rd April 2013 via Xinhua.

Final Thought

Helen Branswell made a good point via Twitter yesterday that the low amount of confirmed discharges might be lost between the various provincial hospitals.

I’ve appended her very good comments.

T - 130422_@HelenBranswell