Random Analytics: H7N9 Infographics (to 6 May 2013)

by Shane Granger

***** Please note that the infographics/charts of the Avian Influenza A(H7N9) virus presented were updated with public source information to 0001hrs 7 May 2013 CET/EST *****

1 - H7N9_Infographic_130507

Infographic Details

In the past 24-hours of reporting there has been one new (retrospective) case of H7N9 and confirmation via the Chinese Ministry of Health 4 additional fatalities. This brings the total for China to 130-cases including 31-deaths and Taiwan to 1-case without loss of life. Note that all totals include asymptomatic cases.

To date 23.7% of all known cases have been fatal (an increase of 2.9% from yesterday’s data). For context the Case Fatality Rate of SARS was 10.9%.

The Ministry of Health also confirmed that to 6 May there were 42 discharges. With that update the recovered total now moves to 42 (32.1%). Asymptomatic cases remain at one (0.8%).

The most recent fatality reported by Chinese media was on the 3rd May 2013 via Xinhua.

2 - CasesbyRegion_130507

Cases by Region (including Taiwan) to 6 May 2013

I usually don’t repeat the second infographic from one night to the next, however some data came in via the Chinese Ministry of Health which included four new deaths confirmed by province (although not down to case level at this stage). Two additional fatalities were reported in Jiangsu and one each in Zhejiang and Anhui.

Although recoveries have been revised upwards I cannot confirm to case level the details of 14-cases and 5-cases cannot be confirmed to province or municipality level.

Two other changes with this infographic. The first is a colour scale to reflect the number of cases in each region. Secondly, I have created this infographic using the excellent Tableau Public software which can be viewed here. (Note: I have no commercial or personal relationship with Tableau).

Note: My previous post on H7N9 can be found at Random Analytics: H7N9 Infographic (to 5 May 2013)