17. Mefloquine Dispatches: RQ19/03024 #RightToKnow, 21st November 2019

by Shane Granger

It was all going so well.

AHQ had found some documents. Some had been destroyed. Just needed to be declassified.

As the requests for extensions came through I accepted them. It has always been my hope that Army might finally wake up to this and take over. Get the message out.

Then the door slammed.

I had been refused several times before this. Even got a single document a few months back. This time the letter is different. More official. Even has a new number. RQ19/03024.

No more information. No reason really.

They have made Operation BARITONE a state secret.

I just watched Chernobyl with my 14-year old son.

When did we become the Soviet Union?





They have destroyed most of the documents. The ones they did find I cannot read because it remains classified. No mention of mefloquine which is strange because I’ve got Red Cross records that confirm it. Which makes me thinks only the Company Group got the Mefloquine but the main battle group would have received a Mefloquine alternative.

I have a simple question then.

In late March 1997 was TAFENQUINE the anti-malarial being considered for the occupation of PNG commencing with a Company Group deployment to secure the Embassy in Port Moresby?


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