Random Analytica: Ukraine. Russian APC Losses hit 5,000 (to 4th October 2022)

by Shane Granger

If you want to understand how Russia are not just losing the war but might collapse as a society, consider this. Since the start of the war against Ukraine they have lost 5,000 armoured personnel carriers. 5,000!


When I saw Kyiv Independent post the number today I thought straight away, do they correlate with the Russian troop losses (short answer – they don’t). Seems like Russia is running out of APC/APVs for the troops. The losses around the Battle of Kyiv and then into late April/May must have smashed Russian reserves.

7-day average of APC losses sits at 19.6. They still have equipment. The Ukrainians are still blowing it up. The Russians will run out.

Slava Ukraini.