Shane Granger

Neither fit for purpose or Bedlam

I never forget a kindness, nor a discourtesy

My writing

I wrote my first blog back in January 2011 for I picked a fight with Kevin Rudd and lost. I extended myself to Random Analytics in October 2012.

Since then I have blogged about everything from Workforce Planning to cricket to H7N9. Flublogia was (and still is) my favourite subject. I renamed Random Analytics to Random Analytica in January 2018 after a longer than planned sabbatical in 2015.

I’ve been published a couple of times. My last article was back in 2014. I also write about Peak Jobs News and I’ve done some analysis via Peak Jobs Analysis.

Final Thoughts

It is pretty simple. Random Analytica is my space to share ideas either via word or infographic into subjects that interest me.

I hope you enjoyed Random Analytica.