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63. Mefloquine Dispatches: Benjamin ‘BJ’ Sifrit, 26th May 2002


How did this United States Navy SEAL, who topped his Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training class and had earned a good-conduct medal become a cut-out and a murderer? Maybe ‘BJ’ wasn’t quite the ‘Natural Born Killer’ he thought of himself…


It is 2019. I have recently been released from hospital and am spending the weekend with the kids. My eldest and I watch a couple of episodes of Forensic Files each day and discuss old technology. In the digital world, cheque fraud seems somehow quaint.

One day we come to an episode titled ‘Dirty Little Seacret’. Something triggers me. I read up on the case immediately after the show. Memories start to pop. I get excited and agitated as they hit and recede. T*, who is still watching something else on TV turns to me and asks if I am alright?

“BJ got mefloquine somewhere”, I state.

“Why do you say that, Dad”?, T* replies.

“Because we have the same backstory”.

In 2021 I am formally diagnosed with amnesia.


Name: Benjamin Adam ‘BJ’ Sifrit.

Rank/Occupation: Hospital Corpsman Second Class, SEAL Team Two, United States Navy.

Date of Incident(s): 25-31 May 2002 (aged 24). Ocean City, Maryland, USA.

Incident(s): Double homicide (25-26 May), break and enter (31 May).

Victims: Joshua Ford (aged 32) and Martha ‘Geney’ Crutchley (aged 51).

Spouse: Erika Sifrit (aged 24).

Exposure to Anti-Quinolines: Not confirmed/potentially classified. I would be interested to see what BJ was doing in the first half of 1999, especially where he travelled too.

Conditions witnessed/documented that relate to Quinism: Prodromal symptoms including memory loss and peculiar behaviour. Lariam derangement on numerous occassions. Excessive risk taking behaviour. Psychosis (mefloquine madness) and criminality. M. William Phelps also details a number of further allegations. These include the potential that BJ was a serial killer (possibly in both the USA/Chile), a necrophile and even cannibalism was raised. The Ocean City murders may have been an act of ‘Blooding’. Other items that keep coming up in similar cases linked to mefloquine are acts of decapitation and trophy collecting.

Confounding Factors: Demolitions and diving. Excessive alcohol consumption.

Convictions: 2nd degree Murder, First degree Assault (USA).


OPINION: According to BJ, his military career started to spiral out of control immediately once he hooked up with Erika Grace. Although that might be technically true, what is missed is that they both met in Spring 1999 and swapped numbers but nothing eventuated. According to BJ he wasn’t interested in pursuing a relationship, nor a wife. Another friend, a NAVY SEAL wife who lived with BJ for four months not only reported that he wasn’t violent, he was quite shy around women. Yet a few months later, in late July, BJ meets Erika at a SEAL party and they are in an almost immediate ‘steady relationship’? Barely, three weeks pass then BJ rings his mother from the Silver Bell Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada. They are both just 21. As noted in Cruel Death:

BJ’s parents had never met Erika, nor had they even heard of her when BJ called shortly after the wedding to announce he was now married.

“August 21, [1999],” BJ told his mother over the phone. He sounded happy. “We met three weeks ago.” Recalling the incident later, Elizabeth Sifrit had tears in her eyes, her voice scratchy and weak from the pain of having to recall how her son’s life took such a nosedive into chaos.

Prodromal symptoms including memory loss, peculiar behaviour and even psychotic behaviour are early warning signs of Quinism.

As noted above, when BJ first called his Mum about getting married he stated that he met Erika three weeks prior when in fact they had met months earlier, even swapping numbers,  possibly suggesting memory loss, even amnesia.

From being not that interested in a relationship to getting married in three weeks would definitely qualify as peculiar behaviour. In fact, just months after getting married he would start to get in trouble with the Navy and breaking absolute ‘no-no’ rules, like sneaking Erika into his Mountain and Arctic Warfare training, which is undertaken in Alaska.

Dr. Jane Quinn explained the literature already available on this subject during her 2018 testimony into the Use of the Quinoline anti-malarial drugs Mefloquine and Tafenoquine in the Australian Defence Force. Excerpt from Submission 73:

Just months of meeting Erika, BJ starts to get in serious trouble with the Navy after an impeccable 3-years of service and a good conduct medal. Within a year his acts of insubordination are so bad that he is court martialed and drummed out of the Navy on a bad conduct discharge. One Navy prosecutor said Sifrit seemed to have developed an “utter disregard for authority.” I actually believe these instances to be periods of Lariam derangement and excessive risk taking.

One possible case of Lariam derangement sticks out and I believe demonstrates the power dynamic between these two. . An excerpt via Murderpedia:

There’s even a disturbing account of a test Benjamin Sifrit gave his wife to see how far she would go for him. She recalled, after being married for a year, that he wanted her to become pregnant. Court documents indicate that she carried his baby for nearly four months.

Then, out of the blue, Erika Sifrit claimed her husband changed his mind and ordered her to “get an abortion or I’m going to dig it out of you,” Collins reported.

After she terminated the pregnancy, Benjamin Sifrit then told her: “I never wanted a kid, I just wanted to see how far you would go for me,” according to court documents.

Finally, we need to look at the psychotic behaviour, which some veterans have nicknamed mefloquine madness. No woman who weighs (at best) 45kg is kicking a door in, especially if she hasn’t trained at it. The first door I kicked in was at Bindoon and it took me three attempts and I almost broke my leg on the first attempt, much to the amusement of my mate who would go on to become an officer in one of the Commando regiments. Detective Bernal made the point that this particular bathroom door in Room 1101 was kicked in with such force that the doorknob hit the corner of the wall. BJ isn’t convincing anyone that he was asleep in the car on the night of the double homicide in Ocean City. Unfortunately, this fact was left out of both the trial and the subsequent Forensic Files episode and would have nailed BJ. He would have been where the action was. In fact, I even theorise that the killing of ‘Geney’ might have been BJ blooding Erika after he had shot and executed Josh. Then there are the ‘other’ allegations.

According to Erika’s own admissions during the pre-polygraph interview and the available forensic evidence which was re-enacted in part during the Dirty Little Seacret episode there are a number of events in the double homicide which would suggest mefloquine madness.

26th May 2002

2.26AM: Erika calls her ‘friend’ who we will refer to as ‘Snake-Guy’ twice. Both calls last less than five seconds. She has been drinking and snorting Xanax for approximately 20-hours.

Shortly after she returns to find her prized bag moved, and her drugs and jewels are missing. After a search cannot find the missing items and with Erika’s mood becoming more frantic accusations are made against the visiting couple, heightening BJ. He then produces a gun and tells the couple to strip. Naked, the couple take an opportunity to run and lock themselves in the adjoining hottub/bathroom. BJ goes to Erika and asks what she wanted him to do with Geney and Joshua. Erika thinks about it and tells BJ to just do it “Just fucking do it,”. Even after BJ finds out about the 911 call made before the call to Snake Guy he seems to have an epiphany. “I’m just going to fucking waste them, cool?”. He is smiling.

Observation: I theorise that BJ hid the drugs and jewels on purpose to heighten Erika who has anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. I also believe that getting Erika into a murderous rage was a way for BJ to ramp himself. Ramping is a term that my co-parent and I used for my lariam derangement. Why would BJ want to ramp himself? Because it is better than cocaine.

BJ then fires one or two shots through the door, wounding Josh, most likely in the arm. Erika might have even directed fire. Then BJ kicks open the door and executes Josh with a bullet to his head. He then hands the gun to Erika who walks over to the cowering Geney and fires the pistol. She misses, either by design or by mistake as the bullet goes through the wall into the next room. Pulling out her knife she proceeds to stab Geney in the stomach. Before her arrest in five days she will get a tattoo of a cobra on the spot where she first cut Geney. A trophy for her husband who approved.

Observation: Only two people really know what happened in that room in those moments but I’d note that Detective Bernal, one of the lead investigators, made the observation during BJs trial that there was ‘no blood on the carpet’. Everything was contained to one kill-room. I suspect this was not BJs first kill although it might have been Erika’s. In fact, BJ might have been blooding Erika by letting her kill a ‘PUC’ otherwise known as a Person Under Control. In BJs time we called PUCs by an older term, a Prisoner of War (POW). In fact, I think he fired the shot into the wall.

Last one. Erika then goes out to get cleaning supplies. In the Forensic Files version she returns to find BJ in the hot-tub with the decapitated heads of Josh and Geney floating and throws the coup de grace bullet to Erika as a trophy. In another version she enters the bathroom to find BJ completing an act of necrophilia. By his own admission BJ then cut the bodies into six separate pieces and removed them from the premises without leaving evidence. What ever post mortem atrocities happened in that room there was not one trace outside of that room.

Last Observation: Random victims (disorganised). A contained kill-room (organised). Alleged necrophilia (disorganised). An almost seamless disposal of two bodies, literally the hardest thing to do (organised). BJ was a mixed serial killer or working on becoming one. Thankfully, a combination of too much alcohol and Xanax by the perpetrators, good police work in Ocean City and a lot of good fortune got in the way of a deadly murder spree.

Medical/MH Note: My opinion is not based on a medical nor mental health background. Just a lived experience former Digger trying to raise awareness on Quinism. Remember, PTSD wasn’t a thing until it was.

Final Note: Even before the murders BJ was acting out of character, certainly criminally and even psychotically, when the occasion demanded. Yet BJs actions on that Memorial Day weekend points to a much darker diagnosis. One that doesn’t exist anymore.

I actually believe that BJ might be a paranoid schizophrenic.

You might already know of a famous cartoon character that suffers from that affliction. The Joker. Erika was his muse. In fact, I think a combination of horniness and laziness saved Karen Wilson and her drunken friend a few days later when they found themselves in an identical situation to Josh and Geney in Room 1101. After luring the pair into the Condo and with Erika’s items missing again, BJ starts to ramp and even pulls out his gun again. This time however, the items are found and BJ and Erika are getting amorous on the couch. Also, cleaning up a room after murder is hard work and expensive.

Although some may scoff at such a suggestion the Department of Veteran Affairs (Australia) considers both Bi-Polar Disorder and Schizophrenia as accepted conditions of mefloquine toxicity. Not that much of a jump to paranoid schizophrenia, surely?


Final, Final Note: M. William Phelps was reached for comment prior to the blog.


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US Navy SEALs travel to far off locations, even malarial zones, to dive and blow shit up. Here is me with CDT One (the Australian version) blowing shit up in a far off location, although in this case, not a malarial zone. I didn’t recover this memory via a photo, I literally carry a knife wound from that trip. It gives me a giggle everytime I see it.


Bea Coldwell discovers that her husband is most likely suffering from periods of Lariam derangement after being posted to Sierra Leone and prescribed mefloquine in 2007.

60. Mefloquine Dispatches: Bodhi Mani Risby-Jones, 27th April 2023

Background: I read the article and didn’t make the connection but a colleague reached out and asked “Is this mefloquine”? So I reread the article. Via The Guardian. Australian man arrested in Indonesia says he felt ‘almost possessed’ during naked rampage. Excerpt:

Bodhi Mani Risby-Jones says he was not himself and felt “almost possessed” during an alleged drunken naked rampage that led to his arrest on an Indonesian island.

The 23-year-old Australian faces up to five years in jail if convicted over the alleged incident on Thursday on Simeulue, within the conservative Aceh province off the coast of Sumatra.

Risby-Jones allegedly emerged without any clothes from Moon Beach Resort and proceeded to chase and strike people on the main village road, according to the Aceh media outlet Bithe.

Shortly before 1am the Noosa man abused a fisherman from the village of Lantik, who suffered serious injuries requiring more than 50 stitches on his heel as well as fractures, Indonesian police told the publication in a written statement.


Name: Bodhi Mani Risby-Jones

Occupation: Carpenter/Tourist

Incident Details: 27th April 2023 (aged: 23). Simeulue, Aceh, Indonesia.


Exposure to Anti-Quinolines: To be confirmed.

Conditions witnessed/documented that relate to Quinism: Prodromal symptoms including mania, violence and disassociation. Instant regret after the incident. No documented history of violence.

Confounding Factors: Alcohol (admitted to consuming one vodka prior to the incident). Sunstroke reported the day prior. Was in Aceh to surf because he was ‘depressed’.


OPINION: When I reread this article a couple of points jumped out to me which lead me to question what anti-malarials Bodhi Mani Risby-Jones received. Note: Mefloquine has not been confirmed as at 1st May 2023.

Bodhi Mani Risby-Jones reportedly felt like he was ‘possessed’ when he went on his rampage in Aceh. As he walked from Moon Beach Resort after striking a security guard he would chase and strike people on the main village road. He would eventually knock a local fisherman off his bike and then throw the motorbike on top of the local who would end up hospitalised with 50-stitches and a broken leg.

Prodromal symptoms including psychotic behaviour are an early warning sign of mefloquine toxicity . Dr. Jane Quinn explained the literature already available on this subject during her 2018 testimony into the Use of the Quinoline anti-malarial drugs Mefloquine and Tafenoquine in the Australian Defence Force. Excerpt from Submission 73:


The Daily Mail article that followed up the original story stated that according ‘to Simeulue police chief detective Mayyuhdi, Risby-Jones was on the surfing trip because ‘he was depressed’. Mefloquine should not be used for people with any mental health issues. The current Center for Disease Control (CDC, USA) fact sheet for Mefloquine states:


One of the biggest surprises is how easily it is to access mefloquine in Australia. My brother just got offerred it for a trip to Nepal in 2023! I’m unsure of the recent usage of mefloquine but the most recent data still shows more than 8,000 Australians used it in 2017.

Final note: I’m sure we will hear more about this case but I’d be suggesting to the family to check Bodhi Mani’s anti-quinoline history.

Medical/MH Note: My opinion is not based on a medical nor mental health background. Just a lived experience former Digger trying to raise awareness on Quinism. Remember, PTSD wasn’t a thing until it was.



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56. Mefloquine Dispatches: Bryan Brown-Easley, 7th July 2017

Background: I just watched the movie ‘Breaking’ (2022) which has just become available to rent. I followed up by reading a few stories but settled on the Task & Purpose article written in 2018 which is the most detailed. One of the clearest examples of Lariam derangement (Quinism) I have seen. I’m stunned that no one has picked it up.


Name: Bryan Brown-Easley or Bryan Easley (rank: Lance Corporal, USMC)

Deceased: 7th July 2017 (aged: 33). Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

NOK: Jessica (Wife). Jayla (Daughter)

Exposure to Anti-Quinolines: Possibly mefloquine as part of 2nd Marine Logistics Group deployment to Kuwait (2003) and then again mefloquine as part of his deployment to Al-Anbar, Iraq (2005).

Conditions witnessed/documented that relate to Quinism: Lariam derangement, Paranoia and Schizophrenia.

Confounding Factors: PTSD (diagnosed). Misdiagnosis. Incredibly poor treatment by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Poverty.

Cause of Death: Killed by a police sniper.


OPINION: I’ll start controversially. The screen poster likens this movie to Dog Day Afternoon. DDA was a completely shit movie but groundbreaking in its own way. Breaking could have been an amazing movie but it completely misses the point. That said, it might be the first movie to document Lariam derangement on screen.

The treatment by the USA Department of Veterans Affairs is both disgusting and noteworthy. About to be made homeless and obviously upset at his treatment he ‘kicks-off’ in the VA office. It must have been bad because they end up hand-cuffing him and putting him on the street. In the movie no one even comes to his aid (not surprising). As he walks into the Wells Fargo bank he is still battered from that experience and his face is noticeably grazed.

According to all reports, Bryan Brown-Easley suffered from PTSD and Schizophrenia post service. Schizophrenia is usually diagnosed in the young or those with problematic upbringings. According to T&P he had quite a happy childhood and the recruiters would have picked up this type of condition as part of the endless medicals you complete before joining.

Lariam derangement can come at anytime. Homelessness and desperation can overload your executive function on a brain already damaged by Lariam. You can still operate while being insane, even be highly functional as is the case with Bryan for parts of the siege. Bryan jokes that he might be the worst bank robber in history and from entry to his death the entire plan is not well executed (lack of training), sloppy (the toilet break) and overly polite (he is not a killer). Rather than save him this will eventually get him killed.

His clear paranoia is shown in the movie (‘my brother has put four hits out on me’). It is something a lot of us suffer but Bryan seems to have it really bad.

Medical/MH Note: My opinion is not based on a medical nor mental health background. Just a lived experience former Digger trying to raise awareness on Quinism. PTSD wasn’t a thing until it was.



Breaking (originally movie titled 892). (2022). Bleeker Street, USA.

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52. Mefloquine Dispatches: Queensland Police Service, 11th October 2006

G*, ever forgetful, left her company phone (a Nokia E50 I believe) somewhere on the way to work. When she realised her mistake, she called her number from work. Unfortunately, a meth-head had picked it up and was demanding $50 for it’s return. The Grub is lucky. J* was G* on-again/off-again boyfriend and highly protective of her. He was on the road at the time and if had of got involved who knows what might have happened. Hell, I just wanted to kill the Grub just for being a meth-head but G* decided that we should ring the police instead and get some professional advice.

They had a plan. I had 15-minutes to put it together.

I’ll let the Statement tell the story and I’ll add a couple of notes at the end.



Just a bit more detail on the witness statement.

Point 1: The sentence about my address sounds a bit ominous, but it is just a protection for witnesses giving evidence.

Point 5: I cannot remember who was my sidekick here, but I suspect it was AV* or AS*? I’ll follow-up but after the swap went down, he would have taken G* back to the office as she was quite shaken.

Point 6: The Grub. Target acquired.

Point 7: The Grub. Stand over merchant.

Point 10: This is where it becomes personal for me. When he drops the “Where’s my fucken thank you” he is right in G*s face, sneering at her. He doesn’t just walk away; he does an immediate 180-degree turn around and is walking away fast. I check on G*. She is shaken but ok and my colleague starts to take her back to the office. I go hunting.

Point 12: I’ve had training. The Grub is a zero. He takes some rudimentary precautions but doesn’t see the threat. I’m not a copper though. I blend in.

Point 13: Funny little detail here. The QPS should have arrested the Grub at the swap but were running late. I’m tailing the Grub. The QPS are tailing me, and we are now in contact via mobile phone, but they get caught by a red light. They were actually asking if I was in danger which would allow them, legally, to run the red-light. I think I laughed at that. Not my first rodeo.

Point 15: I have been following the Grub for 30-minutes at this stage. He doesn’t even know. The two QPS officers finally catch up with me.

Point 16: I identify the target as he enters a white building. The QPS officer are right on his hammer and I reckon he got arrested just out of my line of vision. I laugh. Jobs done.

Point 19: Terrible sentence structure. My bad.

Post Note (1): Even though Nokia’s were pretty basic back in the day, replacing company phones was a tiresome chore and expensive. G* would have gladly given anyone $20 – $50 just to find it and return it. As a gift. The Grub was a meth-head zero on the grift.

Post Note (2): I never appeared. My witness statement was enough to convince him to plead. He had a very long rap-sheet. Not sure of the sentence. Don’t care.

Post Note (3): I believe G* & J* are happily married and living in Melbourne now. Another fact-check but a pleasant one.


  1. Witness Statement. Shane Granger on behalf of the Queensland Police Service. [14.11.2006]

A letter from Dennis ‘Des’ Nilsen, 5th August 1994

A memory…

Random Analytica: The United States of Violence

Two must read stories this week. CNN have listed the top mass shootings in the US since 1949 and The New York Times put together a thoughtful piece on how the shooters were able to obtain their weapons.

After the Port Arthur massacre in 1996 where 35 were killed by a deranged shooter Australia introduced sweeping gun control laws and removed access to military grade weapons. Since that time we have not had one mass shooting incident yet the United States of America continues to have mass shootings and the body counts are escalating.

It is my very strong view that civilians don’t need military grade weapons, bump stocks and silencers. Full-stop.

For my part I have put together an infographic on the nine worst mass shootings by an individual in the United States since 1949 which now includes the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shootings and highlights the array of military grade weapons utilised by the perpetrators.

Each weapon represents those killed.

This is done in solidarity with the kids of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who are peacefully protesting against the gun culture in America today. I hope for their sake that they rid American streets of military grade weapons and end the culture mass shootings.