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Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide – Statistics, 2023

Lots of data. Lots of questions. I thought I would trawl through some of it. Last updated 30th May 2023.

9th May 2023: Newsletter, Edition 17. Private Sessions

This was interesting.


Note: A chart would be a bit wasted as there are only three key data points. Let us look at those in detail:

  • Of the 1,141 requests for private sessions by individuals, 159, or approximately 14% were considered ineligible. That is 159 people that were refused a private session without any explanation what would be considered an ‘ineligible request’.
    • Response: Eligibility for private sessions is limited to defence members and veterans who have lived experience of suicide behaviour or risk factors (including attempted or contemplated suicide, feelings of suicide or poor mental health outcomes). Those who are eligible can also be family members of defence members and veterans who have died by suicide, or who have supported a defence member or veteran with lived experience of suicide behaviour or risk factors. Those who are ineligible for a private session are still invited to make a submission, and we provide support to do so.
  • Of the 982 eligible requests, the Royal Commission has conducted 439 private sessions which equates to 44.7% of the total requirement. Not sure how they are going to conduct the remaining 543. Will be interesting to review this statistic early next year.
    • Response: Regarding refusals, ineligible requests have been received by professionals and organisations who support or have supported serving or ex-serving ADF members. We have also received ineligible requests from friends and colleagues of serving and ex-serving members, who wished to tell us their perspective on the experiences of the person they know. This information is also available on page 19 of the Commission’s Interim Report.


Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide, Australian Government. Email, RE: Ineligible Requests for Private Sessions. Received 10.05.2023.

Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide, Australian Government. Newsletter, Edition 17. Published 9.05.2023.

Random Analytica: Centrelink. Average Speed of Answer

I’ve been following the discussion about raising the rate of social security payments above the Henderson Poverty line. At the same time, I’m seeing a lot of chatter about people trying to access the Centrelink call centre and not being able to get through. I ranted about the Average Speed of Answer back in 2018. If you have never heard of the ASA, it is basically the time it takes for the Call-Centre to pick up your call. Yes, if you hang up your data doesn’t count.

Anyway, I thought I’d crunch the numbers again to see if last year’s data was any guide.

To my shock it had more than halved!

I’m still processing the big drop and won’t analyse today. You can read the Department’s thoughts about the significant time savings in their 2020/21 Annual Report (or I’ve attached the relevant two pages via 2021_AnnualReport_DHS_Pg102~03).